MUSC Hollings Cancer Center

Message from the Director

kraftAs South Carolina's only National Cancer Institute (NCI) - designated cancer center – and the state's leading academic cancer center – our goal is to bring the very best treatments to cancer patients today while researching and delivering more effective therapies for the future.

The role of academic centers like ours is to lead the way in reducing the high rates of cancer incidence and mortality in our state and beyond. We do this by working to solve cancer’s puzzles on every level and from every angle.

First, we bring all the relevant experts together to work on each patient's individual care plan. A team of doctors stands behind every patient. Second, we develop and carry out potentially life-saving clinical trials. It is only through clinical trials that better drugs and protocols are discovered.

And third, we lead and participate in extensive research, always with the ambition of improving care and treatment and significantly changing the burden cancer places on people.

Hollings Cancer Center is committed to becoming one of the nation's top cancer centers. With an emphasis on novel trials and developing a better basic understanding of cancer, we can achieve this.

Andrew S. Kraft, M.D.


Andrew S. Kraft, M.D.
Director, Hollings Cancer Center
William H. Folk, M.D.
Chair in Experimental Oncology



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