MUSC Hollings Cancer Center

Support Services

The Clinical Trials Network provides an array of services to support members in building their clinical trials program.

Support Services include:

  • Organizational program models for establishing a structure conducive to conducting clinical research based on the size and breadth of a practice.
  • Policies & procedures for conducting clinical research and standard operating procedures for efficient, compliant, and cost effective work flows.
  • A variety of staff management and activity tracking tools to manage regulatory clinical and financial activities.
  • Position description documents for the full range of clinical research professionals it takes to run an effective trials program, such as regulatory specialists, budget and contract personnel, study coordinators, and data managers will be provided to network members. Additionally, assistance in screening candidates is available.
  • Training programs are available to network site staff to include study coordinators, finance, regulatory, data management and members of management. Special, targeted programs for physicians can also be developed as needed upon request.
  • Protocol, consent, HIPAA, and study tool access will provide sites with ready-made tools and documents for ease of study activation and participation.
  • Sites will receive assistance with IRB formation, IRB access and Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) processing as needed.





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