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Hollings Cancer Center Affiliate Alliance

The Hollings Affiliate Alliance benefits its partners by:

  • Making state of the art cancer prevention, diagnostic, and treatment therapies available through clinical trials available to patients near their homes
  • Providing accelerated access for second opinions at Hollings Cancer Center in Charleston in a seamless manner
  • Providing professional and patient education opportunities, tools, and or resources

Providing Proximity to Care

Patients receiving care at local Hollings Cancer Center Affiliates will have access to the latest treatments, often through Hollings Clinical Trials Network, a level of service not always available in community practices and hospitals.

As a member of the Clinical Trials Network, Affiliates may be able to participate in investigator initiated trials developed at Hollings Cancer Center. In addition, Affiliates may join and participate in trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and / or pharmaceutical companies. Hollings Cancer Center will work with Affiliates, even hospital and practices new to conducting clinical trials, to develop the infrastructure necessary to bring these trials to their communities.

Affiliates have audiovisual access to eleven disease-focused Tumor Boards. Remote access through video conferencing allows affiliates to view and participate in these meetings and provides Tumor Board Meetingopportunity for them to present cases for review by Hollings Cancer Center cancer specialists.

Streamlining the Process

At times, Affiliates may wish to refer patients to Hollings Cancer Center in Charleston for a second opinion or for services not available in their home town. Hollings Cancer Center is committed to helping these patients navigate the system as easily as possible and receive maximum benefit during their journey to ChDcotor and Patientarleston. Hollings Cancer Center has multidisciplinary services in thoracic, breast, head & neck, genitourinary, gastrointestinal, hematologic, neuro, and pediatric cancers. Several teams have a nurse dedicated to coordinating care to ensure patients are seen in a timely and efficient manner in multidisciplinary clinics where all specialists are available.

Identifying Best Practices

Through its own in-house expertise and consistent monitoring of current thoughts and trends regarding best practices, Hollings Cancer Center can help Affiliates enhance the quality of treatment modalities offered to their patients.

Educating the Community

Affiliates have access to Hollings Cancer Center sponsored education opportunities such as weekly research seminar series, the autumn research retreat, spring research symposium, and disease specific clinical-based workshops through the year. A two-day Oncology Nursing Society Chemotherapy & Biotherapy in-service followed by a certification exam is also available.

Promoting Community Outreach

The new Hollings Cancer Center mobile health unit, equipped with digital mammography and screening services for several types of cancer, is available to all Hollings Cancer Center Affiliates for community outreach. In addition, help is available for the development of survivorship programs, support groups, cancer genetics screening, smoking cessation, and other wellness initiatives.

Contact Us

For more information about joining the Hollings Affiliate Alliance, please contact Pam Roberts at or 843-792-7395.



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