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Where Your Gift is Needed

Your support is essential to advancing the work of the Hollings Cancer Center.  Whether your commitment is to research, patient care, education, prevention or outreach, there is a program at Hollings Cancer Center that needs additional support.  The most common giving opportunities are outlined below for your information. However, if you do not see the giving focus you are most interested in supporting, please do not give up. Just contact us, and we will help you to ensure your gift is designated to work you are most passionate about supporting. 

Unrestricted Gifts

Without a doubt, an unrestricted gift is the single best way to help the Hollings Cancer Center.

The Hollings Cancer Center is a complex organization with a large number and variety of support needs. Although directed giving is always helpful and appreciated, an unrestricted gift allows the Center, rather than the donor, to direct the gift in ways that the Center feels are in its best interests. The gift can be used immediately or it can be invested, using the proceeds over time.

An unrestricted gift provides the Center maximum flexibility in leveraging your generosity to support the Center's overall mission and vision.

Hollings Cancer Center Cancer Research Gifts

In the laboratories and clinics at Hollings Cancer Center, specialists and scientists are unlocking the secrets of this disease that kills 8,940 South Carolinians each year. This team of investigators and discoverers – supported by our collaborative environment and modern infrastructure – is bringing greater hope to more people every day.

Gifts in support of cancer research at Hollings Cancer Center allow us to create endowed chairs, state-of-the-art laboratories, and provide seed funding for promising research projects.
  We also have disease-specific funds that are listed below, and these funds are used specifically to support research projects in those disease areas. 

Following is a partial list of Hollings Cancer Center research programs:

  • HCC Cancer Research
  • HCC Breast Cancer Research
  • HCC Colon Cancer Research
  • HCC Liver Cancer Research
  • HCC Lung Cancer Research
  • HCC Pancreatic Cancer Research
  • HCC Sarcoma Research

If you wish to designate your gift to another area, please let us know by making a note on the memo line of your check or writing a comment on the on-line donation form. We will make sure your gift supports your area of interest.

Hollings Cancer Center Cancer Program Gifts

As a university-based center, we combine the full range of cancer specialties – including medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, chemotherapy, and reconstructive surgery deliver a higher level of care to the patients we serve.

Gifts to support cancer programs can not only be designated by disease (breast, lung, melanoma, etc.), but they also provide much needed funds to assist patients through every step of their cancer journey. Whether they need assistance with joining a novel clinical or need funds to buy a wig, cancer program funds allow us to make a difference.

Following is a partial list of Hollings Cancer Center programs:

  • HCC Bone Marrow Transplant
  • HCC Breast Cancer
  • HCC Building/Laboratories/Technology
  • HCC Cancer Prevention/Outreach/Education
  • HCC Ethnobotanical Cancer Chemoprevention
  • HCC Gynecological Oncology (Ovarian, Cervical,
  • HCC Head and Neck Cancer
  • HCC Hematology/Oncology (Leukemia, Lymphoma, Blood Cancers)
  • HCC Lung Cancer Center
  • HCC Maxillofacial Prosthodontics Clinic
  • HCC Melanoma/Skin Cancer
  • HCC Mobile Health Unit
  • HCC Neuro-Oncology (brain cancer)
  • HCC Nurse’s Fund
  • HCC Patient Support Services
  • HCC Pearlstine Healing Garden
  • HCC Pearlstine Healing Garden Engraved Brick
  • HCC Prostate Cancer Endowment
  • Carolyn E. Reed, MD, Chair in Thoracic Surgical Oncology
  • Robert K. Stuart, MD, Chair in Hematology/Oncology

If you wish to designate your gift to another area, please let us know by making a note on the memo line of your check or writing a comment on the on-line donation form. We will make sure your gift supports your area of interest.

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities allow donors to establish a legacy at the Hollings Cancer Center while also supporting some of Hollings Cancer Center’s greatest needs. Gifts may be made to name rooms and programs or to establish permanent endowments to support physicians and researchers.

Following is a partial list of leadership giving naming opportunities at Hollings Cancer Center:

Named Lung Cancer Consortium $25,000,000  
Named Urological Cancer Center $10,000,000   
Named Women’s Cancer Center $10,000,000   
Named Center of Excellence $5,000,000  
Named Research Program $2,000,000   

Named Cancer Research Floor $2,500,000
Named Conference Center $750,000
Named Clinical Suite $500,000
Named Research Laboratory $250,000
Named Specialty Exam Room $50,000
Named Exam Room $25,000
Named Faculty Office $10,000

Named Endowed Chair $1,000,000+   
Named Research Founding Partner $1,000,000 
Named Endowed Professorship $500,000    
Named Endowed Faculty Scholar Award $250,000  
Named Emerging Research Scholars Award $150,000  
Named Endowed Visiting Professorship/Lecture Series $100,000
Named Endowed Fellow Award $50,000
Named Endowed Scholarship $50,000 



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