MUSC Hollings Cancer Center

HCC Recognition Program

Hollings Cancer Center staff (on the HCC’s university payroll) in all non-faculty categories (i.e. classified, temporary, research grant) are eligible. Non-eligible employees include trainees (residents, fellows, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, etc), faculty, volunteers, and temporary agency employees and MUSC Authority employees.

Nomination Criteria
The HCC encourages nominations based on a thorough description of an employee's outstanding work-related behavior or activities. Examples include: exceptional effort on a project or activity (hours involved/tasks completed); accomplishments that reduced workload or provided cost-savings to the HCC; receipt of a work-related honor; recognition by a patient, colleague or customer; or overall consistent, outstanding customer service/job performance in any mission area (research, education, clinical and or administration).

Nomination Review Committee
A committee of three HCC Senior leadership staff will evaluate submissions bi-monthly to recommend individuals for recognition. The objective of this program is to create a culture in which employees and managers value, respect, and promote achievement of the organization's goals.

Bi-Monthly, an HCC employee will be recognized and will receive $100. Employees are eligible to be recognized once during a twelve month calendar period.

Nomination Review Procedures & Selection
Nominations should be submitted no later than the Thursday preceding the bi-monthly staff meeting. The Nomination Review Committee will review and select the candidate having the greatest impact on achieving organizational excellence goals.

Accomplishments/Merits of the Monthly Nomination
In the box below please provide a thorough description of the accomplishments of the employee. Please describe the actions taken by the employee; individuals or program affected; level of performance; and description of the benefit of the actions, etc. You may choose to cite the MUSC Pillars of Excellence listed below that were demonstrated by the nominee. It is not required to use these, but may be beneficial in linking the nomination to recognized MUSC goals.

PEOPLE - specify the individuals affected and outcome
SERVICE - specify the actions taken and their effect on the customer(s)
QUALITY - describe the level of performance and quality of the outcome
FINANCE - quantify the cost & describe the benefit of the actions taken (e.g., financial benefit, reduced workload, etc.)
GROWTH - describe how the action enhanced a program area

Please submit all nominations to Tara Campbell at


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