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Small Transgenic Animal Workshop

You are invited to the Hollings Cancer Center

Small Transgenic Animal Workshop

Keynote Speaker
dana carroll

Dana Carroll, PhD

Department of Biochemistry
University of Utah School of Medicine

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
9:00 am to Noon
Room 120, Hollings Cancer Center

Please click here to register online by Friday, February 15th.

Small Transgenic Animals Workshop Agenda

9:00AM Michael J. Kern,
“Gene Function Core: Facilitating Plasmid Construction and making Genetically Modified Mice” 
9:20AM Demetri D. Spyropoulos, 
“Gadgets and Goodies for Spatio-temporal Control of Genetic Activities”
9:40AM Alexander Awgulewitsch, 
“Use of an Integrated Tet-Regulatory System in Transgenic Mice”


 Bart MG Smits,
"The Past and Future of Rat Reverse Genetics"                              
10:20AM Ann-Marie Broome, 
“Small Animal Imaging Core Capabilities”                                           
10:40AM Richard R. Drake, Jr,
"Comprehensive Protein, Lipid, Glycan and Drug Metabolite Profilng in Transgenic Animal Model Tissues by MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging"
11:00AM Dana Carroll,
 PhD-Keynote Speaker
 "Introduction to Gene Targeting Nucleases: ZFNs, TALENs and the New CRISPR/Cas System"
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