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The Hollings Cancer Center is currently planning the 2012-2013 academic year seminar series. Please check back soon for updates.

2012-2013 Seminar Series Schedule 

All seminars are scheduled to take place at Noon in HCC 120.

DateSpeakerInstitutionHCC Sponsoring Program
March 7, 2013Tony Futerman, PhDWeizmann Institute for ResearchLipid Signaling in Cancer
March 21, 2013Lewis A. Chodosh, PhD, MDUniversity of PennsylvaniaCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
March 22, 2013Drew M. Pardoll, MD, PhDThe Johns Hopkins UniversityCancer Immunology
April 4-5, 2013Christopher E. Turner, PhDState University of New York, SyracuseDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics
April 26, 2013David Feldman, MDStanford UniversityCancer Prevention & Control
May 3, 2013Miles A. Brown, MDHarvard UniversityCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
May 31, 2013Robert Clarke, PhDGeorgetown University Medical CenterDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics

Previous Seminars

DateTime/LocationSpeakerInstitutionHCC Sponsoring Program
Jan. 10, 2013Noon/HCC120Richard Kolesnick, PhDMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterLipid Signaling in Cancer
Jan.18, 2013Noon/HCC120Ramaswamy Govindan, MDWashington UniversityMark R. Green Visiting Professorship
Jan. 13, 2012Noon/HCC120John A. Baron, MDUNC at Chapel HillCancer Prevention & Control
Jan. 20, 2012Noon/HCC120Thomas Lynch, MDYale University Cancer CenterMark R. Green Visiting Professorship
Feb. 2, 2012Noon/HCC120Peter S. Nelson, MDFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
Feb. 23, 2012Noon/HCC120Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, PhDNational Institutes of HealthLipid Signaling in Cancer
March 29, 2012Noon/HCC120Allen J. Ebens, PhDGenentechSpecial Seminar
April 5, 2012Noon/HCC120Maarten van Lohuizen, PhDMaarten van Lohuizen, PhDSpecial Seminar
April 13, 2012Noon/HCC120Joe Lipstick, MD, PhDStanford UniversityCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
May 3, 2012Noon/HCC120Patricia A. Ganz, MDJonsson Comprehensive Cancer CenterCancer Prevention & Control
May 17, 2012Noon/HCC120Levi Garraway, MD, PhDDana Farber Cancer InstituteSpecial Seminar
December 6, 2012Noon/HCC120Myriam Gorospe, PhDNational Institutes of HealthCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
Jan. 21, 2011Noon/HCC120Dr. Everett VokesUniversity of ChicagoMark R. Green Visiting Professorship
Feb. 11, 2011Noon/HCC120Dr. Susan ColeQueens University, OntarioDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics
April 15, 2011Noon/HCC120Dr. Michael CaligiuriOhio State UniversityHematological Malignancies
May 6, 2011Noon/HCC120Dr. Jamie OstroffMemorial Sloan KetteringCancer Prevention & Control
May 12, 2011Noon/HCC120Dr. Yung-Chi ChenYale UniversityHematological Malignancies
Sept. 29, 2011Noon/HCC120Dr. Dean P. JonesEmory UniversityDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics
Nov. 3, 2011Noon/HCC120Dr. Paul L. FoxCleveland Clinic
Nov. 10, 2011Noon/HCC120Dr. Robert Casero, Jr.Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

Developmental Cancer Therapeutics

Dec. 8, 2011Noon/HCC120Dr. Brian WattenbergUniversity of LouisvilleLipid Signaling in Cancer
Dec. 12, 20113:00 pm/HCC 124LDr. Roderick BeijersbergenThe Netherlands Cancer InstituteSpecial Seminar
March 18, 201011:00 am/120 HCCDr. Stephen BaylinThe Johns Hopkins UniversityCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
April 8, 201011:00 am/120 HCCDr. Mark DavisStanford UniversityCancer Immunology
April 22, 201011:00 am/120 HCCDr. Frank MeyskensUniversity of California, IrvineCancer Prevention & Control
Sept. 9, 201011:00 am/120 HCCDr. Michael KarinUniversity of California, San DiegoLipid Signaling in Cancer
Sept. 17, 201011:00 am/120 HCCDr. Keith RobertsonMedical College of GeorgiaCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
Oct. 12, 2010Noon/HCC120Dr. Yang LiuUniversity of MichiganCancer Immunology
Oct. 22, 2010Noon/HCC120Dr. Ralph SandersonUniversity of AlabamaCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
Nov. 12, 2010Noon/HCC120Dr. Eckard PodakUniversity of MiamiCancer Immunology

Jan. 15, 200911:00 am/120Dr. Ratna RaySt. Louis UniversityCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
Jan. 23, 200912Noon/120Dr. Danilo PerottiOhio State UniversityHematological Malignancies
March 5, 200911:00 am/120Dr. Kornelia PolyakDana-Farber Cancer InstituteCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
March 19, 200911:00 am/120Dr. Frank MeyskensUCI Medical CenterCancer Prevention & Control
March 26, 200911:00 am/120Dr. Branimir SikicStanford UniversityDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics
June 25, 200911:00 am/120Dr. Licia RivoltiniInstitute National Tumori, ItalyCancer Immunology
Oct. 2, 20091:00 pm/2 W. Amp.Dr. Maria JasinMemorial Sloan KetteringHematological Malignancies
Nov. 5, 200911:00 am/120Dr. Constantinos KoumenisUniversity of PennsylvaniaDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics


Dec. 11, 200811:00 am/120Dr. Francis Ali-OsmanDuke UniversityDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics
Dec. 9, 200811:00 am/120Dr. Charles SwantonLondon Research InstituteLipid Signaling in Cancer
Oct. 16, 200811:00 am/120Dr. Carol PrivesColumbia UniversityCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
Oct. 2, 200811:00 am/120Dr. Matthias TheobaldCreveld Clinic at the Univ. Medical Center Utrecht, NetherlandsCancer Immunology
May 29, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Besim OgretmenMUSCLipid Signaling in Cancer
May 22, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Marvella FordMUSCCancer Prevention & Control
May 15, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Carol PrivesColumbia University, NYCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
May 8, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Sergey KrupenkoMUSCLipid Signaling in Cancer
May 1, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Ken TewMUSCDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics
April 24, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Ruma BanerjeeUniversity of MichiganDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics
April 3, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Jean FordJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public HealthCancer Prevention & Control
March 27, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Deanne LathersMUSC
March 21, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Zena WerbUniversity of California, San FranciscoLipid Signaling in Cancer
March 6, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Pierre Van Der BruggenLudwig InstituteCancer Immunology
Feb. 21, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Tilman HeiseMUSCLipid Signaling in Cancer
Feb. 7, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Charles SmithMUSCDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics
Jan. 31, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Bryan TooleMUSCCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
Jan. 24, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Makio OgawaMUSCCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
Jan. 28, 200811:00 am/120 HCCDr. Linda MalkasIndiana UniversityDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics

Dec. 13, 200711:00 am/120 HCCDr. Tao ChengUniversity of Pittsburgh Cancer CenterHematologic Malignancies
Dec. 6, 200711:00 am/120 HCCDr. Michael WargovichMUSCDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics
Sept. 27, 200711:00 am/120 HCCDr. Stephen HechtUniversity of Minnesota Cancer CenterCancer Prevention & Control
Sept. 20, 200711:00 am/120 HCCDr. Robert HiattUniversity of California, San FranciscoCancer Prevention & Control
Sept. 14, 200711:00 am/120 HCCDr. Jan SchnitzerSidney Kimmel Cancer CenterLipid Signaling in Cancer
Sept. 13, 200711:00 am/120 HCCDr. Barbara WollenbergUniversity of MunichCancer Immunology
Sept. 14, 200612 noon/302 BSBDr. Joseph BertinoCancer Institute of NJHematological Malignancies
Dec. 7, 200612 noon/120 HCCDr. Robert NagourneyLong Beach MemorialDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics
Jan. 11, 200712 noon/120 HCCDr. Silvio GutkindNational Institutes of Health, NIDCR

Cancer Cell Signalling

Jan. 25, 200712 noon/120 HCCDr. Luke WhitesellWhitehead InstituteDevelopmental Cancer Therapeutics
Feb. 8, 200711:30 am/120 HCCDr. Michael NishimuraMUSC/Hollings Cancer CenterCancer Immunology
Feb. 22, 200711:30 am/120 HCCDr. Rolf KiesslingKarolinska Institute, StockholmCancer Immunology
March 8, 200711:30 am/120 HCCDr. Lewis CantleyHarvard UniversityLipid Signaling in Cancer
March 15, 200711:30 am/120 HCCDr. Judith CampisiBerkeley National LabCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
March 29, 200711:30 am/120 HCCDr. Dennis WatsonMUSC/Hollings Cancer CenterCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
April 5, 200711:30 am/120 HCCDr. Steven RosenzweigMUSC/Hollings Cancer CenterLipid Signaling in Cancer
April 12, 200711:30 am/120 HCCDr. Dorothy HatsukamiUniversity of MinnesotaCancer Prevention and Control
April 26, 200711:30 am/120 HCCDr. Judy KarpThe Sidney Kimmel CancerHematological Malignancies
May 5, 200711:30 am/120 HCCDr. Anthony AlbergMUSC/Hollings Cancer CenterCancer Prevention and Control
May 10, 200711:30 am/120 HCCDr. Stephen HechtUniversity of MinnesotaCancer Prevention and Control
May 24, 200711:30 am/120 HCCDr. Lisa CoussensUniversity of California, SFCancer Genes & Molecular Regulation
May 31, 200711:30 am/120 HCCDr. Craig SlingluffUniversity of VirginiaCancer Immunology


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