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HCC Research Programs Pilot Projects

Lipid Signaling in Cancer

  • Possible Role of 1-deoxysphingolipids in Paclitaxel-induced Peripheral
    Neuropathy in Breast Cancer Patients
    Stefanka D. Spassieva, PhD

Cancer Genes & Molecular Regulation

  • Inhibiting Drosha-catalyzed MicroRNA Biogenesis
    Mirko Hennig, PhD

Cancer Immunology

  • Enhancing Monoclonal Antibody Therapy of Cancer
    Stephen Tomlinson, PhD

Developmental Cancer Therapeutics

  • Isolation of Lineage-specific Exosomes for Diagnosis and Monitoring
    Response to Therapy of Prostate Cancer Subjects

    Patrick M. Woster, PhD

Cancer Prevention & Control

  • Oral Biomarkers of Biological Impact of Neem Mouthrinse
    Susan G. Reed, PhD, DDS
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