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Cancer Genes and Molecular Regulation

Program Leaders
Stephen P. Ethier, Ph.D.

→Cancer Genes and Molecular Regulation Members

Scientific Goal
Members of the Cancer Genes & Molecular Regulation (CGMR) research program have focused their scientific efforts in identifying novel genetic alterations associated with cancer initiation, progression, metastasis, and assessing the functions of these genes and the proteins they encode.  These genes and proteins then become new targets to validate for potential therapeutic intervention either as diagnostics, improved prognostics, or therapeutics.

The program harbors a world-renowned group in the study of the Ets family of transcription factors, which are critical in regulating epithelial-mesenchymal transformation, angiogenesis and invasiveness. Another particularly exciting collaboration among members has recently led to the identification of the thromboxane signaling pathway as a key regulator of bladder cancer formation, with ongoing translational studies aimed at developing novel therapeutics based on this highly amenable target.

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Contact Us
To find out more about this research program, e-mail program leaders, Dennis K. Watson, Ph.D. at, or Stephen P. Ethier, Ph.D. at

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