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ConferencesNational and international scholars are invited to visit the
HCC each year to engage in scientific exchange with HCC investigators. Please click the link below to view the current
and past schedule:

Upcoming Events
The Hollings Cancer Center is currently planning events for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Please check back soon for updates.

  • Cancer Genes & Molecular Regulations and Developmental Cancer Therapeutics Research Retreat
    October 24, 2014
        Panel Sessions:
             • Tumor Biology - Tumor Microenvironment
             • Epigenomics
             • Genomics, Molecular Diagnostics, and Bioinformatics
             • Clinical/Translational Initiatives
             • Identification of Novel Targets

  • 2014 Fall Scientific Retreat on Tobacco Related Research
    October 30, 2014
         John R. Seffrin, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, American Cancer Society, Inc.
         Jonathan M. Samet, MD, MS, Distinguished Professor & Chair,
         Department of Preventive Medicine, University of Southern California
  • HCC Annual Research Retreat
    November 7, 2014
         November 7th - Scientific Keynotes: John Condeelis, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
                                                               Roland Wolfe, PhD, University of Dundee Medical Research Institute, UK
    Registration now open!
  • Chalsty Breast & Ovarian Cancer Research Retreat
    December 5, 2014
    For more information and to register for this event, click here!

Previous 2013-2014 Research Retreats & Symposia

DateName of EventSpeaker(s)Location
October 3, 2014Hematological Malignancies SymposiumPatrick Brown, MD
Megan Sykes, MD
Jennifer Woyach, MD
HCC 120
June 15-20, 2014Light Microscopy for the
Biosciences Workshop
Principal Instructors:
John J. Lemasters, MD, PhD
Anna-Liisa Nieminen, PhD
Venkat K. Ramshesh, PhD
BEB 110
June 12, 2014RNA Pathobiology Symposium in CancerRachel Green, PhD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
James Manley, PhD,
Columbia University 
BEB 112
May 15, 2014Prostate Cancer Research RetreatIan M. Thompson, MD
UT Health Science Center
Prostate Cancer Research Retreat Agenda
HCC 120
April 25, 2014GI Cancers Research Retreat - Immunotherapy for Gastrointestinal MalignanciesEileen M. O'Reilly, MD
Jack R.Wands, MD
GI Retreat Agenda
HCC 120
April 18, 2014Cancer Immunology Program
Research Retreat
David H. Munn, MD
Georgia Regents University
HCC 120
March 14, 2014Spring Symposium - Translating Cancer Control Science into PracticePeter Shields, MD
Isaac Powell, MD
Elizabeth  Calhoun, PhD
Timothy Rebbeck, PhD
Matthew Kreuter, PhD
Spring Symposium Agenda
Daniel Island
February 26, 2014Center for Genomic Medicine SymposiumPlease click here for more detailsBEB 110
9-10, 2014 

Cervical Cancer Free South Carolina Inaugural Summit 
Please click here for more information on this event. Double Tree - Charleston, SC
7-8, 2013
Hollings Cancer Center Annual Research Retreat

William C. Hahn, MD, PhD
Harvard Medical School
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Daniel Island Club
July 18, 2013Thoracic Cancer Research
Steven Dubinett, MDHCC 120
June 27, 2013Cancer Control Program RetreatChanita Hughes-Halbert, PhD
Michael Cummings, PhD, MPH
Cathy Melvin, PhD, MPH
Anita Harrison, MPA
April 18, 2013Head & Neck Cancer Research
Christine Chung, MDBEB 112
March 15, 2013Spring Symposium - 
Models of Human Cancer for
Translational Research
Ann-Marie Broome, PhD
Howland Crosswell, MD
Simon Hayward, PhD
Leonard Schulz, PhD
Alphonse Sirica, PhD
Daniel Island
March 1, 2013Breast Cancer
Research Retreat
Max Wicha, MDHCC 120
February 19, 2013Small Transgenic Animal
Dana Carroll, PhDHCC 120



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