MUSC Hollings Cancer Center

Cervical Cancer Free South Carolina Workshop 2A

A. The Key to HPV Cancer Prevention: The Role of Health Care Providers
      Health care providers play an important role in cervical cancer prevention and control. The
      recommendation of a health care provider is one of the most significant predictors of HPV
      vaccination. This workshop will feature panelists discussing the role of health care providers
      and opportunities for engaging health care providers in HPV vaccination.
 Susan Vadaparampil, PhD, MPH
           Associate Member/Associate Professor
           Division of Cancer Prevention and Control
           Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL
          Deborah M. Greenhouse, MD, FAAP
          Chapter President
          South Carolina Chapter
          American Academy of Pediatrics
          Trish Hutchison, MD, FAAP
          Girlology and Guyology

          E.J. Mayeaux, Jr., MD, DABFP, FAAFP
          Professor and Chairman, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine
          Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
          University of South Carolina School of Medicine
          Ashlyn H. Savage, MD
          Assistant Professor
          Director, Residency Training Program
          Medical University of South Carolina
           Heather Brandt, PhD, CHES, Co-Chair CCFSC
           Associate Professor
           Arnold School of Public Health
           University of South Carolina 


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