MUSC Hollings Cancer Center

Cervical Cancer Free South Carolina Workshop 2B

B. Using Health Communication Strategies to Increase Awareness of Cervical Cancer
     Prevention and Control
      Health communication strategies – especially social media – are ideal for increasing awareness
      of cervical cancer prevention and control and supporting action. In this interactive workshop, learn 
      how to use health communication strategies, such as print materials, infographics, videos, and
      social media, and inform health communication strategies of Cervical Cancer-Free South Carolina
      to increase awareness of cervical cancer prevention and control.
           Beth L. Sundstrom, PhD, MPH
           Assistant Professor
           Department of Communication
           College of Charleston

           Keely Saye
Inbound Marketing Director
           Riggs Partners

           Diana Biffl 
           Communications Major
           College of Charleston '14
           Mary Margaret Link 
           Communications Major
           College of Charleston '14



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