MUSC Hollings Cancer Center

Cervical Cancer Free South Carolina Workshop 2C

C. Advocacy 101: Advocating for Cervical Cancer at the Statehouse   
      Advocacy 101 will offer the opportunity to learn how laws passed at the statehouse impact cervical
      cancer prevention and control, how a bill becomes a law, basics of advocacy, and learn firsthand
      from a lawmaker about how you can make a difference at the statehouse.  The workshop will
      feature best practices for communicating with your elected officials and prepare you for advocacy. 
      Policy plays an important role in cervical cancer prevention and control. Don’t be silent. Advocate.
           The Honorable Bakari T. Sellers
           South Carolina House Representative (D-Bamberg)
           Sloane Whelan
           South Carolina Director of Public Affairs          
           Planned Parenthood Health Systems

           Dr. May Samuel
 Health Sciences/Public Health Faculty
           South University
           Columbia, SC


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