MUSC Hollings Cancer Center

Translational Research Pilot Projects

The Translational Research Pilot Projects were awarded to applicants who demonstrated highly interdisciplinary collaborations that had the potential to lead to imminent clinical applications. The funds for these awards were made available through the HCC’s Cancer Center Support Grant as a National Cancer Institute designated cancer center and HCC philanthropy. These projects were funded for $70,000 each.

FY 2012 Translational Research Pilot Projects

NameProject Title
Marvella Ford, PhD, Department of Medicine

Co-investigators/collaborators: Anthony J. Alberg, Erika T. Brown, Joan Cunningham, Deborah C. Bryant, Nestor F. Esnaola, Emily Kistner-Griffin, Melanie Jefferson, Rita Kramer, Angen Liu, Ida Spruill
Feasibility Study of Breast Cancer Candidate Genes in Three Population Groups in South Carolina

Pierre Giglio, MD, Department of Neurosciences

Co-investigators/collaborators: Ali Tabesh, Joan Cunningham, Vittoria Spampinato, Leo Bonilha, Zoran Rumboldt, Mark Ahlman, Truman R. Brown, Joseph Helpern
Imaging Biomarkers of Tissue Microstructure and
Vasculature as Predictors of Glioblastoma Response to Treatment with Bevacizumab for Progressive Disease

Amanda LaRue, PhD, Dept of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Co-investigators/collaborators: Neeta Somaiah, Andrew Kraft, Dayvia Laws, Lindsay McDonald
Circulating Fibroblast Precursors in Metastatic Sarcoma

Melanie Thomas, MD, Department of Medicine

Co-investigators/collaborators: Charles Smith, Elizabeth Hill
Response Biomarkers for Locally-Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

Bryan Toole, PhD, Department of Regenerative Medicine

Co-investigators/collaborators: Whitney Graybill, Xuejun Wen, Christopher Parsons
Chemosensitization with Small Hyaluronan Oligosaccharides

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