MUSC Hollings Cancer Center

Developmental Cancer Therapeutics

Program Leaders
Kenneth D. Tew, PhD DSc
Carolyn D. Britten, MD

Developmental Cancer Therapeutics Members

The Developmental Cancer Therapeutics (DCT) program’s scientific focus is the discovery of unique agents and pathways that will result in novel approaches to cancer therapy.

DCT program members hold expertise in a wide spectrum of disciplines essential for the development of molecularly-targeted cancer therapeutics such as kinase inhibitors, drugs targeting redox pathways, lead compound selection by computational and medium throughput screening approaches, analysis of natural products and their derivatives, combinatorial chemistry, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. The DCT program has three primary themes:

  • Development of small molecule chemotherapeutic agents against novel cancer targets
  • Modulation of cellular reactive oxygen species as a mechanism for regulating the growth and death of cancer cells
  • Elucidation of complex cellular signaling pathways as potential novel targets for drug development

Developmental Cancer Therapeutics Retreat

To find out more about this research program, e-mail program leaders, Kenneth D. Tew, PhD, DSc at or Carolyn D. Britten, MD at


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