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The Expression and Role of CELF1 in Oral Squamous Cancer Cells

Using a head and neck TMA custom designed by the Biorepository & Tissue Analysis Shared Resource, Dr. Viswanathan Palanisamy and colleagues confirmed the overexpression of the RNA binding protein CELF1 in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCCs). They determined that CELF1 is reproducibly overexpressed in OSCC tissues and cell lines. Moreover, depletion of CELF1 reduced proliferation and increased apoptosis in OSCCs, but had negligible effect in non-transformed cells. They also found that CELF1 associates directly with the 3′UTR of mRNAs encoding the pro-apoptotic factors BAD, BAX and JunD and mediates their rapid decay. Taken together, these results support a critical role for CELF1 in modulating apoptosis and implicate this RNA-binding protein as a cancer marker and potential therapeutic target.

RNA Biology, 2013. PMCID: PMC3594286.


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