MUSC Hollings Cancer Center

Cell Evaluation & Therapy Shared Resource

Scientific Highlights

The Hollings Cancer Center (HCC) Cell Evaluation & Therapy (CET) Shared Resource offers HCC investigators comprehensive analytic flow cytometry and high-speed cell sorting services and the capacity to generate human cellular and tissue-based products for use in translational research. The mission of the CET Shared Resource is to provide an integrated platform where HCC users can evaluate pre-clinical or clinical experimental data in a cell-specific manner and then convert this knowledge using the cell-manufacturing facility to take a cellular product into patients.  Immune monitoring services are embedded in this resource and make use of flow cytometry and other technologies that can be used to evaluate the immune response in patients and provide valuable data needed for more basic laboratory investigations in animals or tissue culture. The CET Shared Resource consists of two synergistic and coordinated units – the Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Unit and the Cell Growth & Therapy Unit.

The specific objectives of the HCC CET Shared Resource are to provide:

  • Multi-parametric and multi-laser measurements including apoptosis, cell proliferation, cell cycle distribution, and immunophenotyping, as well as detection of intracellular proteins, membrane perturbations, and bioactive molecules.
  • Expanded cell therapy and gene therapy-based bio-therapeutic products for Phase I and II clinical studies employing current cGMP as required by federal regulations.
  • Immune monitoring services to evaluate the immune response in patients and provide data for basic laboratory experiments.
  • Regulatory expertise in the preparation of cell and possibly gene therapy-based INDs.
  • High-speed cell sorting based on cell surface marker immunostaining and/or side-population staining.
  • Consultation and assistance concerning experimental design, sample preparation, and data analysis.
  • Training in the use of routine flow cytometric technology and analytical equipment.
  • Advanced training in novel flow cytometric assays that are new and/or specific to HCC researchers’ applications.
  • New methods to assist HCC members in performing cutting-edge research.

Publication Acknowledgement

If you publish a manuscript including research supported by the Cell Evaluation & Therapy Shared Resource, the HCC recommends the following text to be placed in the acknowledgement section: "Supported in part by the Cell Evaluation & Therapy Shared Resource, Hollings Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina (P30 CA138313)."


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