MUSC Hollings Cancer Center

Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Analytical Flow Cytometry

The BD FACSVerse™ flow cytometer was engineered from the ground up to offer remarkable performance, flexibility, and ease of operation for research applications using up to 10 parameters. Innovation in hardware design, and in the new BD FACSuite™ software, delivers users a seamless workflow from system setup through data acquisition, analysis, and shutdown. Our system is equipped with 3 lasers (407nm, 488nm and 640nm) and is configured for 8 colors. This system is restricted to HCC 6th floor users.

BD Fortessa X-20 Analytical Flow Cytometer: 
The Fortessa X-20 is the most powerful analytic cytometer in the BD line, delivering high-performance multicolor analysis. The FCCS instrument is currently configured to detect 16 fluorescent parameters from the 405nm violet, 488nm blue, 633nm red lasers and a state of the art, high-powered UV laser (60mW). The Fortessa X-20 is supported by FACSDiva 7 software and is fully back compatible with previous versions of FACSDiva.

BD LSRFortessa Analytical Flow Cytometer:

The BD LSRFortessa system is the newest model of BD Analytic Flow Cytometers. It offers the power and flexibility in a benchtop footprint that is significantly smaller than the proven line of the BD LSR II cell analyzer. The system is equipped with 3 lasers (407nm, 488nm and 633nm) and configured for 10 colors plus forward and side scatter. It is upgradable to support up to five lasers and detect up to 18 colors simultaneously in the future if needed. It is connected to a HP xw4600 Workstation with FACSDiva™ 6 SOFTWARE for acquisition and analysis.

FACSAria IIu Cell Sorter

BD FACSAria IIu Cell Sorter (BSL1 and BSL2):
The FACSAria IIu has 4 lasers (375nm, 407nm, 488nm and 633nm) with 13 fluorescence detectors for use in complex cell sorting. Currently, this instrument is configured for 11 colors plus forward and side scatter. It is also equipped with a temperature control system, 2- and 4-way sorting options into 1, 3 or 15 ml tubes. The FACSAria instrument allows for the collection of prescribed populations of cells into specific wells of microtiter plates and other appropriate devices. It is connected to an Aerosol Management System for biohazard containment and to a HP xw4600 Workstation computer with FACSDiva™ 6 SOFTWARE for sort window setup and data acquisition.

MoFlo Cell Sorter (BSL1)

Beckman Coulter XDP High Speed Cell Sorter:
The Dako MoFlo High-Speed Cell Sorter is equipped with three lasers, including an Innova 70-4 Ion Laser, a Helium Neon Laser and an Innova 304 Ion Laser. Its primary function is the identification and isolation of specific cells (including side-population cells) at speeds of 70,000 events/second. The MoFlo is capable of acquiring and analyzing up to 9 parameters for each particle. It is equipped with the Cyclone system that allows for the deposition of one cell or a desired number of cells into specific wells of microtiter trays and other appropriate devices. The instrument is connected to a PC with XP operating system and Summit software for sorting gate set up and data acquisition.


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