MUSC Hollings Cancer Center

Lipidomics - Analysis Unit

Manager and Lead Scientist
Jacek Bielawski, PhD
Research Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Phone: 843-792-1529

Location: 505 Children's Research Institute (CRI)

The Lipid Analysis Unit provides:

  • Qualitative (compound identification) and quantitative LC-MS/MS analysis of the key lipids from different biological materials (cells, tissues, serum, blood) determining their basal levels and changes in response to exogenous agents.
  • Analyses of 300 different sphingolipid and DAG components at a basic metabolomics level.
  • Methodology for the study of sphingolipid metabolism, thus eliminating the use of radioactive precursors (using 17C sphingolipids and LC-MS/MS combined approach).
  • Methods for the determination of enzymatic activities at the cellular level (using 17C sphingolipids: e.g., 17C-Sph and LC-MS/MS combined approach for SK activity).
  • Determination of enzymatic activities of lipid metabolizing enzymes in vitro and ex vivo.

Service Prices

ServiceFee for Sample
 HCC  MUSC Other AcademicCommercial
Multicomponent LC/MS Analysis per class of compounds$50$60$90$180
Additional Costs:
  Organic phosphate determination$25$25$25$25
  Protein contest (tissue only)$50$50$50$50
Multiple analyses can be performed from a single sample, but each class of compounds is priced separately.

The Lipid Analysis Unit provides a multi-component LC-MS/MS analysis per class of compounds that can be performed from a single sample; however, each class of compounds is counted and priced separately. Please click here for the Lipidomics Analysis Unit Request Form. Currently 14 different analytical units are available:

  • Sphingoid bases (sphingosine Sph, dihydro-sphingosine, dhSph), sphingoid base-1- phosphates (S1P,  dhS1P), ceramide molecular species (Cn-Cers).  This is the most basic analysis, covering 16 different molecular species.
  • Dihydro-ceramide molecular species (Cn-dhCers).
  • Alpha-hydroxy-ceramide molecular species (Cn-2’OHCers).
  • Phytosphinghosine, phytosphingosine-1-phosphate and phytoceramide molecular species (phytoSph, phytoS1P, Cn-phytoCers).
  • Ceramide-1-phosphate molecular species (Cn-Cer1P).
  • Sphingomyelin molecular species (Cn-SM).
  • Dihydro-SM molecular species (Cn-dhSMs).
  • Hexosylceramide (glucosyl- and galactosyl-ceramide) molecular species (Cn-HexCers).
  • Lactosyl-ceramide molecular species (Cn-LacCers).
  • Diacyl-glycerol molecular species (Cn-DAGs).
  • Glucosylceramide species by SFC-MS/MS (Cn-GluCers).
  • Galactosylceramide species by SFC-MS/MS (Cn-GalCers).
  • Cellular/tissue levels of exogenously added compounds.
  • Special analyses that require method development.

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