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Lipidomics - Synthesis Unit

Co-Director, Synthesis Unit
Zdzislaw Szulc, PhD
Research Associate Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Location: Rooms 748 and 747B - Basic Science Building

Staff Scientist
Aiping Bai, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

The Lipidomics Synthesis Unit has 820ft2 of laboratory space dedicated to the synthesis of sphingolipids and analogs. This laboratory is fully equipped with two hoods for organic chemical synthesis. A separate room for radioactive synthesis set up with a special hood equipped with and a Bioscan TLC plate reader. The synthesis unit also has access to the NMR Facility at MUSC as well as a fully equipped tissue culture room and dedicated office space.

The Lipid Synthesis Unit provides:

  • Total synthesis of natural sphingolipids (4 isomers for each sphingolipid) from the chiral precursors
  • Design and synthesis of various inhibitors of sphingolipid metabolizing enzymes
  • Design and synthesis of organelle-targeted Cers and inhibitors of sphingolipid metabolizing enzymes
  • Design and synthesis of molecular tools for metabolic studies: radiolabeled, fluorescent, and 17C sphingolipids (containing an unnatural 17C-sphingoid backbone)
  • Design and synthesis of molecular tools for determination of enzymatic activities

Synthetic Development & Compound Classification

Synthetic development and compound classification are based on the recognition of key sphingolipid enzymes, see chemical structures.

Synthetic Publications & Patents

View synthetic publications and patents

Services and Pricing

The Lipidomics Synthesis Unit provides compounds for the collaborative research and compounds for services priced on a customized basis per project.  Please consult Dr. Szulc at regarding pricing for your project.

Lipidomics Synthesis Request Form


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